Ut i Vida Världen - A little drop of poison. 
"Out in the Wide World"

"Plingelinge tåget går ut i vida världen, den som femtio öre har får följa med på färden. Se Esme, se Esme, där köper hon biljetten, nu stiger hon på och vinkar glatt 'Hej då, hej då'"

"Plingelinge the tain departs out into the wide world, she who has 50 cents is allowed on board. See Esme, see Esme, now she's buying her ticket, now she's climbing on board and happily waves 'Goodbye, goodbye'"

This song was sung to Esme throughout her turbulent childhood.

Someone once told me that "Life is an impossible project"... I believe it is and therefore quote Nietzsche: "Life can only be seen as an aesthetic phenomenon" In simpler terms, this is an accumulation of what inspires me and what may inspire others. Life in another perspective... "Another life".

x Esme

To All of You Who Sleep Tonight.

22nd January 2013

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A little drop of poison. 

A little drop of poison. 

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